Monday, October 20, 2014

I'm So Over Super Doubles

I used to get so excited for Super Doubles at Harris Teeter.  Especially when they switched it from doubling coupons $1.99 and under to $2.00 and under.  Huge difference! Huge!  But as time has gone on, with each trip it becomes less exciting and more frustrating and discouraging.

My city has three Harris Teeter locations.  I go to the largest one and none of them are exactly close to me.  So it really sucks to go and have many of the items on my list be out of stock.  Sure I could get a rain check.  That doesn’t help me right now when I want/need it.  Earlier in the week I needed eggs.  It was Wednesday, the first day of the new ad and Super Doubles.  Eggs are on sale for I think $1.77 for 18 count.  I went to the Teeter that was adaptable to my route home.  This is at 6:45ish pm and there were no 18 count eggs available.  And the dozen count were more expensive as were all of the other eggs available.  I was pissed.  I should have just gone to my regular store.  I got my eggs today at my regular store and there were plenty in stock.  That’s why it’s my regular store, because it’s larger and tends to carry more.

Just wanted to vent a few frustrations I experience when it comes to Super Doubles…

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

In order to be most successful with Super Doubles you have to be prepared to be at Harris Teeter first thing on Wednesday morning when the sale starts.  The sale begins at 7am but you have to be there before that getting the items you want, and then by 7 you’re ready to check out.  It makes for great savings.  I wouldn’t know that personally though.  That’s not a possible scenario for me.  DH has to be at work at 7am and the kids bus comes around 7:20.  Again, none of the stores are really close to me.  About 10-15 minutes depending on traffic and light cycles. I had to accept that I wouldn’t get every top deal.

Rain Checks

The best way to come out on top with Super Doubles is to use prior rain checks.  During non-coupon event sales weeks, when items or varieties go out of stock you get a rain check.  Since during Super Doubles weeks the sales ad aren’t the greatest, maximizing doubling higher value coupons with previous sales weeks prices makes for the best bang for your buck.  It only takes a few extra minutes to get them from the customer service desk and they don’t expire.  I need to get on top of this myself.

Get Out of my Way People

People shop the way they drive and it annoys me like crazy.  I used to have a good system of grocery shopping so that I got it done first thing on Saturday morning and was home just as the kids were getting up good and DH was still sleeping.  I haven’t done that in so long.  For the past several months it’s been more of a mid-morning shopping trip.  And that means way more people than the handful that were with me at 7am on a Saturday.  I can’t take all of these carts and people in my way…some knowing what they’re looking for and where they’re going and others not.  That just proves to me why I must get back to the early bird routine.  Blah.

At the end of the day I realize that I just don’t have that fire for couponing anymore.  I want to save money and still need to, but it’s just not there.  No desire.  Heck, my body still hurts from last weekend’s big cutting and sorting session.  And I’m still behind.  I have to figure out something.

I still managed to save a little something so I won’t complain about that.  Any savings is better than no savings in my opinion.  I got some items I didn’t have coupons for, but were on sale and needed.  I saved $32.40 @ 57%.  Not bad, but I’m used to larger savings especially with a coupon event.  I get excited by the larger savings opportunities that come with Coupon Events, but the discouragement outweighs the opportunities often times.  I won’t give up, but it’s not my preferred flavor of coffee right now, ya know?  And I suppose, that’s okay with me.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Children’s Book Haul

I was inspired by my friend in my head Erin’s recent blog post, over on The Sunny Side Up Blog, where she shared her family’s Halloween/Fall book collection.  I commented that I had just received a coupon from Barnes & Noble in my email and had intended to go this weekend and pick up a couple of Halloween children’s books to start my own tradition.  I picked up a few books alright…

My focus was to get a couple of books to read with my son.  He’s in kindergarten and we really need to read more with him.  So first I saw this I can Read TMNT book.  I knew he would love this because they are his favorite and because it’s a beginning to read book and will have many of the sight words he has to learn at this stage.

I intended to look more for myself, but due to the timing of this trip, it wasn't happening.  We stayed in the Children’s Section for most of the time.  I found tons of great Christmas ideas for the kids in both books and crafty items.  While Brianna was looking at books she wanted and Jordan was playing with the train set with another child, I was trying not to buy every book in sight!  I found all of the books I had as a child and I knew that I had to get our collection started with these.  Sure, we have books already, but not the classics.  Many of our books we have we've obtained via the Scholastic book fair that comes to the school.  Well if you’re familiar with them, then you know these are paperback books and not very sturdy.  I wanted some real good quality books that I will ensure stay that way.

I loved Frog and Toad books as a child.  I decided to pick this particular one up, Frog and Toad Together, because I specifically had this one myself.  It was a favorite of mine for sure.  Ironically enough, I detest frogs with a severe passion, yet love these books.  Go figure.

Danny and the Dinosaur was also a favorite of mine.  They didn't have that book by itself, but for very little, I got this 3-in-1 book, Adventures of Danny and the Dinosaur.  It includes three titles: 
  • Danny and the Dinosaur
  • Happy Birthday, Danny and the Dinosaur
  • Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp

I know my buddy boy will enjoy these stories.  J

As I strolled by the children’s Halloween books, I saw the display with Where the Wild Things Are, and it said that the book, regularly priced at $18.99 was $8.99 with purchase of any other children’s book.  Well, it’s a classic that I too had as a child, and I couldn't pass it up.  As an added bonus, the cashier took the coupon off of this book because it was the most expensive.  I always appreciate that.

Lastly, I saw this sweet book called That’s When I’m Happy.  I thumbed through it and thought it was just too precious of a story not to get.  So I got it and said it’s definitely time to go.  I wasn't trying to spend a lot of money on books.  I saw quite a few that I added to my wish list for the kids.  As I was checking out, as usual I was asked if I wanted to join the B&N Membership.  It’s something I've always intended to do and just haven’t.  I decided why not go ahead and do it?  Plus, what they never mentioned before, (perhaps because I am usually sans kids when I go) was that there was a kids program that gives rewards points for each children’s book that I buy.  Since I want my buddy boy to read more, and Brianna is already an avid reader, that’s definitely a reason to take the plunge.  Then when he said I would get coupons in the mail soon for signing up, it was a done deal! Lol

The next time I go, I will go without the kiddos.  And I’ll buy a book for myself.  I really want to get a new Bible, either the NLT or the Message, eventually I want to have both.  I also want to get some books for personal growth and to freshen up my knowledge in some areas.  I still want the books I talked about in my Lit Chick post too.  All in due time.

Monday, October 6, 2014

7 Years Strong

Many times my blog posts are meant to share with my readers and many times they are for me.  I know that one day I will get all of my posts bound in a book and I like to look back on where I have come from.  How I felt at times.  How I looked at things…

Today is my 7 year wedding anniversary with my husband.

It’s my day off.

I detest working on days that are important to me.  I am sure that will change when my position changes at work.  If you work in an environment where you are only dealing with your co-workers then sure, go to work.  But as for me, that’s not my work environment.  So I don’t work on my birthday or my anniversary or Valentine’s Day (not because I love that day, but because I loathe dealing with others who are bitter on that day).

I am off, he is not.  But that’s okay.  Our anniversary is more of a milestone marker than anything else.  We are not big on celebrating and that’s just how it is.  Would I like to change that?  Yeah but it’s not that important to me.

What is important to me, is that the day continues to come each year, and that whatever we go thru, we stick it out together.

As the day was winding down, we reminisced on what a beautiful day our wedding day was.  It was absolutely perfect weather, a gorgeous Carolina fall day.  We were talking about how the day was just right, when he turned to me and said that even with all that we've gone through, that he would marry me all over again.  It melted my heart.  Because that means more than just those few words to him and to me.

I love that man even when I want to kill him and I know he feels the same about me.  I cry when I watch Four Weddings at almost every ceremony.  I cry when I see anything wedding, when it comes to the vows…sob city.  Because I know what those vows mean.  I am so proud of us for making it this far and for continuing to make it.  We have grown together.  He is my husband and I am his wife of 7 years.  Wow.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lazy Bones

I have no excuses to give… I’ve just been lazy.

I haven’t been in the best of spaces as far as how I’ve been feeling lately and it’s easier not to blog then to blog and put all of my feelings on front street.  But I miss my blog desperately.  Enough is enough.

I’m being intentional about this thing.  Like I am with many other aspects of my life.

Overhaul mode.  That’s what’s going on.

Not happy with life?  Change it.  Do whatever you can to change it.  That’s what I’m doing.

Is it the fact that I turn 32 in a little less than a month??? And I’m not where I want to be in life.  Nowhere close.

Is it the fact that for months and months I’ve steadily gained weight and now I’m completely out of whack with my sleeping and wanting to eat right and workout but damn am I lazy?  Well that doesn’t help things…

Is it the fact that when you start to look on the inside of you and you find things you don’t like, it makes you want to stop the process?  Yeah I’m stepping on my own toes here…

Is it the fact that I’ve completely slacked on my coupon game which means I’m spending more money?  And all I can think about is Christmas is coming, Christmas is Coming.  So is Halloween.  Jordan’s birthday.  Thanksgiving.  Black Friday.  Stop.  Don’t panic.  Breathe.

So perhaps it’s all of the above plus more.  I haven’t gone into kids stress, marriage stress, work stress….well that’s been me for the past couple of months.  And instead of coming to what gives me solace, I retreated.  When I reread my posts I don’t want to read the woe is me ones.  I just don’t.  It’s all a journey, I realize that, but I just don’t want to put that kind of energy out there.  I want to focus on the positive, yet be honest with myself and my readers.

I don’t want to paint a picture that I am always happy and I don’t want to paint the picture that I am always sad and unsatisfied.  So often we look at others and think, man I wish I had her life.  She has such a beautiful home and family and she makes it look so perfect.  Ask any blogger, youtuber or even celeb that you follow and they will tell you that the picture they paint isn’t their consistent reality.  We all have chaos.  We all feel like we’re failing miserably.  We are all human.  Did you hear that?  I said human.  And that means we aren’t perfect.

And with that last paragraph I am reminded of why I blog.  I feel sooo much better now that I got that out.

Here’s to more posts! (imaginary wine glass in hand)  and less being a lazy bones.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Back From Vacay

I haven’t really gone on vacation…but it sounded better than saying “hey I’m back from the break that I didn’t mean to take from my blog.”  I’m sure you can agree.

Sooooo much has happened since I last posted really sat down to write a post. {I started this post beginning of August, smh}

Lately I have been going thru a lot of things…not all bad or anything, just a lot.  I was having awful migraines so I went to the doctor…they said everything looks normal and gave me a prescription for the headaches.  Well I don’t wanna be on those kind of meds ya know?  The kind that keep you put because you can’t drive with them, yet I have to take them at work because that’s where the headaches are mainly from…it wasn’t fun.  If you’ve ever experienced migraines or headaches to the point of having to obtain a prescription then you know what I’m talking about.  I’m sorry, but I have no interest in being a zombie.

I had an appointment with the optometrist scheduled and after all the tests was told that my vision was spot on.  Really?  You have got to be kidding me.  I was thinking if this is the second place to tell me there’s nothing wrong with me I’m going to spazz.  Even if it was being told to me by a handsome bald doctor…spazzing would commence if necessary.

The eye doctor said that the reasons why I may be experiencing vision issues and headaches are because of my work computer.  Honestly enough, several months back our work computers had new operating systems installed and ever since then I’ve seen an increase in my frequency and intensity of my headaches.  No matter how I’ve tried to adjust the screen settings I would get no relief.  Until now.

The doc prescribed me glasses to use for computer use.  Specifically my work computer.  I do wear them at home sometimes when I’m on my laptop…like now, when I’m doing a blog post and the background is white.  The glasses help to cut down the glare and cut down on the eye strain…hence the ridiculous headaches.

This is my first week wearing them.  They take some getting used to, but I can say with confidence that by week end…my headaches have improved.  I’ve only had a couple this week and they were really onset for other reasons.  I haven’t had to use the prescription and I’m grateful.  **updated** it’s been a month now and I’ve hardly had any headaches.  Any headaches I have had are due to the nature of my job as it is.  I’m truly grateful that I haven’t had migraines and haven’t had to take the zombie meds at all!

I won’t even go into all of the symptoms I have from my current work.  It’s really crazy when I think about it, but until there is change on that front, it’s best not to post about it… #changewillcome

If you’ve ever experienced crucial headaches then you can understand why when I come home from work the LAST thing I wanted to do was open up my laptop.

I have had a change in my schedule at work.  In the few weeks since it has changed I haven’t been able to get myself accommodated.  On top of that there’s all kinds of change going on at work and it’s been highly overwhelming.  Add on top of that all the clutter that I feel is coming at me from every angle when I come home…whew yeah that’s where I’m at right about now…just a tad bit overwhelmed.

A couple of other things have happened… the kids and I went on another beach trip.

DH got a new car!!  This is crazy awesome because his last car was crappola and now it feels much better knowing that he’s okay when he’s driving.  Getting back to the world of a car payment and full insurance isn’t great, but the way it all worked out and will continue to work out makes all the difference.

Buddy Boy lost his first tooth!!

So now that I’m back from my blog vacay I am looking forward to getting back to my love.  And a side note…to my giveaway winners wondering why I’m so slack…all items have been sent with bonus goodies due to my just not being able to get it together : )

Monday, September 1, 2014

4th Grade Back to School Style and a Kindergartner!

Last week was the first day of school for my babies.

Last week was also the first time overtime has been offered at my job in quite some time.  I had to jump on it.  Needless to say, last week was a doozy of a week.
Here it is Labor Day and I finally feel like I’ve made some kind of impact on my sleep deficit.  It only takes a lot of coffee, some 5 hour energy, vitamins and a couple of days of waking up sans alarm.

Now let me share Brianna’s 4th grade back to school style…

Brianna wanted something to the side and I decided to do a sorta side-swept Mohawk.  She also wanted colorful beads so I compromised and did clear beads.  I don’t like the colorful beads clashing with her uniform colors.

I’ll be honest, I am dealing with the temptation of relaxing her hair again.  I know it will pass but it’s difficult not to succumb to the temptation.  I guess if it really gets to that point then I will just pay someone to braid her hair.  Because I am so over it.

Now onto my little man’s first day of kindergarten!

When Brianna started kindergarten, she went one day, the boys went the next day and on the third day everybody went.  Well for some reason the school decided to make it rather odd to say the least.  Brianna started the 4th grade on Monday.  Jordan went to his first day of kindergarten on Wednesday.  He doesn’t go back until tomorrow (Tuesday).  Yeah, makes no sense to me. 

Either way, he was one excited buddy boy!

I will say that I got a little teary eyed but I didn’t actually shed any tears.  Now I can’t speak for tomorrow when he’s getting on the school bus with his sister.  Hopefully I won’t be a ball of tears!  I am glad that he’ll be with his big sister, which takes away from some of the anxiety.  Now it’s time for us to get ready for his first real week of kindergarten J

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back To School Hairstyle Ideas

This weekend starts the real countdown to back to school.  That means I am taking out Brianna’s box braids this weekend and starting to decide what style I will do for her Back to School style.  I haven’t really posted much this summer about her hair.  That’s because there hasn’t been much to post.  I’ve done simple braid styles, a lot of buns, and I’ve let her wear her hair flat ironed in ponytails and half up half down do’s.  It’s been an overall mild summer, not too humid; but she’s not ready to have her hair out regularly.  She doesn’t do her part.

If your child hasn’t yet returned to school and you’re looking for a back to school style, check out some of Brianna’s past styles for inspiration :-) 

This is definitely a go-to style when I just can’t think of anything to do.  Depending on your child’s hair texture, it can last a couple of weeks.  Check out the original post.

I like fishbone braids as you will see.  Here’s a cute style that I did that had a little variation to it.  Check out the original post here.

Here is Brianna’s back to school from last year.  It took some time to do but it was well worth it for the way it turned out!  You can see more pics of this style here.

Here’s one of my first attempts at a fishbone braid style.  I may try another variation of this soon.  This post shares the style, products used, and some of my blogger inspirations.

Probably one of the more simple styles mentioned in this post is this braided mowhawk with twists.  It’s quick and cute.  Especially if you have a few bows to spruce it up.  See the post here.

Hopefully I’ve given you some style inspiration for your daughter.  I’ve even given myself some ideas.  Now it’s time to tackle taking out this hair.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

In Two Weeks

Wow.  Where did the summer go?  In two weeks my kiddos will be going back to school.  Ahem.  Brianna will be going back and Jordan will be going for the first time!  Jordan will be going to Kindergarten!!! Brianna will be going to the 4th grade!  I’m soooo thankful to no longer have to pay for daycare!  This will make the first time in 9 years that I will not be paying for full time daycare.  Let’s pause and think on that shall we.

Thank you.

Now I’ll be paying for after-school care.  As of now that’s an inexpensive option thankfully.  When we move, I’ll have an option but it will cost more.  We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.  For now I am just thankful that the cost goes down significantly.  And it’ll be here in just two weeks!  It’s really hitting me as I type...if you’ve been in this space before, you know how I feel.  Like omg!!! In two weeks I will be daycare free!!!!  How liberating is that?!?!

Another benefit that just dawned on me…this year some of the schools in the county have been selected to have free breakfast and lunches.  My kid’s school was one of the select few.  That’s a blessing for sure!  I was paying on average $25-$30 each time I got paid to cover Brianna’s lunch.  That would have doubled up to $60 adding Jordan to the mix.  Now that’s $60 saved!!!  {Too bad the school I want them to attend when we move is not one of the chosen, but again…the bridge}

I really do try to find the small things to be grateful for.  Some days I’m better at it than others.  My goal is to stay 49:51 meaning if I can at minimum be happy and grateful 51% of the day then I've tipped the scales in my favor.  There’s your tip for the day J

I was just coming to close up this post and I just got off the phone with my Mom.  She called to say she wanted to know where I shopped for the kids uniforms.  I told her that I prefer Old Navy and JCP and then Walmart.  Well she was redeeming her credit card rewards points and ordered me a couple of gift cards for Old Navy and JCP!  I am truly grateful!!!  We are set to get started with school but I was going to get more for the cooler weather after school started anyway, now it’s less coming out of my pocket!!!  See what I mean about the 51%???  It works!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunday Coupon Inserts

I am admittedly burned out by couponing.  But I have to face reality…couponing makes everything else work.  I don’t coupon because I want to, I coupon because I have to.  We’re back to school shopping and maybe that’s what slapped my face with reality.  I’m getting good deals…but I would have more to spend if I got back on track with my couponing.  So that’s what I’ve decided to do.

I’ve stopped getting my newspaper delivered.  I will restart it eventually but as of late I’ve just been picking up the Raleigh paper {the one I had delivered} and the Greenville paper up on the way to church, or if I’m rushing, on the way back home.  Well last weekend I had plenty of time to stop and get the papers on the way to church.  It was pouring down rain.  And they were out of the Raleigh paper.  When I got home and went thru my paper that I did get…there were no coupons.  Ugh!

I decided it was time to place my first order for coupons J

I went to Sunday Coupon Inserts and did a quick skim of what was in the inserts.  Really good coupons on items my family uses.  So I purchased 3 sets of the 2 Red Plum inserts and 2 sets of the Smart Source insert.  The price of the coupons weren’t bad, but the shipping was higher than I’d like.  However, it was priority mail with insurance and ordering on a Sunday evening and having them on Tuesday made the shipping charge worth it.  I paid right under $13 and I’m okay with that.

Some people like to order coupons by the product and some like to order by the inserts.  My current ways of shopping don’t require me to get 50 coupons of one kind nor do the stores in my area make it feasible for that, so buying inserts when I don’t get them in my paper or don’t get a paper or when they have a lot of good coupons in them is the way to go for me.

Not only do I need to step it up with coupons, I need to step it up with my overall ways of saving.  I’ve even slacked on my couponing apps.  That’s not so much me not wanting to save as it is I’m so very over this craptastic phone of mine.  {September will be here soon and so will the new iphone}  I mean I honestly hardly use my phone anymore.  What’s the point?  It causes more frustration than anything.  But I have slowly but surely gotten back to checking my savings apps and scanning my receipts.

It also doesn’t hurt that I’ve been catching a few Extreme Couponing marathons on tv over the past couple of weekends and it’s really given me the kick in the pants that I needed!  I always love watching, it’s so motivating! 

With all of that being said… I’m getting prepared for Super Doubles coming up this week at Harris Teeter J

Sunday, July 20, 2014

McDonald's Chicken McBites Giveaway!!! {Closed}

In case you didn't get to take advantage of your local McDonald's offering their free snack size Chicken McBites this past week, then you're in luck.  This giveaway is for you!

I wanted to make this giveaway super easy so be sure to enter :-)

The Rules

There are 20 Free McDonald's Snack Size Chicken McBites prizes up for grabs.

They are only redeemable at McDonald's in North and South Carolina.

If you're a chosen winner and you're not in one of those states, I will still send to you, just don't be disappointed ok?

Some winners may win more than once :-)

The giveaway will run from 7/21/14 @ 12am - 7/27/14 @ 11:59pm.  All times EST.

Winners are selected randomly by Rafflecopter.

With all of that being said... Good Luck!!!

I am a VIP blogger partnered with Eastern North Carolina McDonald's.  This is a sponsored giveaway.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

McDonald's Chicken McBites Event on 7/17

I wanted to come and share a quick post to let those of you in the Eastern North Carolina area that on Thursday July 17, 2014 you can get a free snack-size McDonald's Chicken McBites!!!  Just come to an area McDonald's from 5-7pm on Thursday to get yours!

McDonald's wants to bring you smiles to your faces with this perfect poppable snack; perfect for Summer.  So come on over and stop by to get your free gift of grub!

If you're in the Greenville, NC area bring your kids to meet Grimace and Hamburglar at the McDonald's located at 2116 SE Greenville Blvd location {near Greenville Blvd and 10th St intersection} and at the McDonald's located at  4410 East 10th St. {the newest McDonald's by the new Walmart.} There will also be local radio hosts at these locations.

In addition to getting these free tasty Chicken McBites, be sure to stay tuned to my Facebook page where I will be hosting a quick giveaway in the coming days from McDonald's.

I am a VIP blogger partnered with Eastern North Carolina McDonald's.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sam's Club Instant Savings

I went to Sam's Club the other day.  Now that I am a member I am realizing some of the perks that I wasn't aware of when I was going with my friend.  One of those perks are the Instant Savings that are loadable coupons.  Pick them out online and they're automatically loaded to your card.  You can print the list or send them to your email so that you can know what you selected when in store.  I love it because it helps to save even more money!

I have a confession to make.

Last week at Harris Teeter it was Super Doubles.  I went to get a handful of things.  Literally.  Didn't get a bunch of free things.  I just wasn't into it.  I have inserts from the past three cycles and I haven't touched them.  I'm burnt out with coupons.  I'm tired of going to the grocery store every week.  I'm tired of trying to stay on top of the couponing and failing miserably. I'm just not into it anymore.  I know this will pass and I'll eventually get back into the swing of things; but for now, no ma'am.

I am realistic however, in knowing that (1) I can't buy everything I need at Sam's Club, (2) I don't have the storage options required to buy many things at once {this will change soon}, and (3) I don't have the means to do large Sam's Club hauls at the moment.  Knowing these things, I did want to go and get a few basic things that I know we use a lot of and are cost effective.

When I saw online the Instant Savings that were available on the items I already buy I was pretty excited.  I couldn't partake in all of them at once financially, but I did appreciate the savings I got on what I did buy.

Here's how I look at it:


I went with syrup on my list. We go thru a lot of syrup.  Syrup is one of those items I've seen the coupon supply dry up on.  When I do see a rare coupon pop up it will either be for a brand I don't prefer or won't be a good value.  I like Mrs. Butterworth's or Aunt Jemima brand syrup.  When they're on sale I will get them, but they don't go on sale often.  At Sam's I got a 2-pack of 64oz each of Mrs. Butterworth's syrup for $7.28.  That comes to $3.64 each and I don't anticipate having to buy more syrup for a few months.  Just to put that into perspective...the current retail price of a 24oz size of Mrs. Butterworth's syrup is $4.19 at Harris Teeter.  On sale it may go down lowest I'd say $2.97.  I still came out with a better deal.

I like to get my bagged salad from Sam's Club now too.  When I got it the last time the 2lb bag of salad lasted for two weeks and helped me get my eating under control.  Last time I got just hearts of romaine and this time I got iceberg and romaine mix for a few cents cheaper.


A 5 lb bag of Tyson chicken nuggets were $9.98 with Instant Savings of $2.00.  Getting that size bag of chicken nuggets for the regular price at most stores of $7.98 for a smaller size is insane!


I got the same pack of Mt. Dew bottles I've been getting at Sam's Club at an already good value of $6.98 with an Instant Savings of $2.00 off added that's just mind boggling to me! lol $4.98 for a 15 pack of Mt. Dew!!! A 6 pack of the same size bottles is currently on sale at Harris Teeter for $4.39.

I got other deals too but I just wanted to share how I'm really loving Sam's Club and I cannot wait to move and have more storage space in order to really take advantage of how much I can save in both time and money.  I'd rather just go to the grocery stores sporadically and do Sam's Club hauls monthly or probably even less after the first few trips.  I still want to save money but right now, I'd rather shop this way.

I will need to invest in some shopping bags for refrigeration that way I can keep the cold stuff cold on the way home.  I know Rachel Ray has some on QVC, and I've seen a couple I like on the Sam's Club website.  I'll do some looking around.  Bulk shopping makes me want to invest in a truck! Imagine me in a F-150!! lol I'm serious tho!  I'm not really a truck kinda girl, but it would be cool to have as a third vehicle. {I dream big and in color}  I've been fantasizing about the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo a lot lately :-)  It's such a sexy beast!

Happy Shopping & Still Saving!!


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