Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Birthday Treats

I’ve downplayed my birthday since my son was born.  I mean, when his is the day after mine, it’s something that I’ve accepted.  But this year I feel differently.  I’m doing some things for me and I don’t feel bad about it at all.  I’ve been buying gifts for myself since late October and I wanted to share them all with you.

The first gift I got myself were these awesome kitchen utensils from my dear friend Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman.  When her Pioneer Woman line came out at Walmart I quickly made myself a wishlist online of all the items I wanted to get.  I’ve been in both of the Walmart’s that carry her line locally and never saw these items I picked up.  So when I did see them, I had to have them then!

I have wanted both the slotted turner and the chopping knife since forever because she uses them all of the time on her show and on her blog.  I am so happy that these are not only in my collection, but they were the first items of my collection!

As an added bonus, my Mom had asked me what I wanted for my birthday prior to me getting these items and I told her I wanted something from the Pioneer Woman line.  Of course I couldn’t pick just one thing, so I emailed her my list from so she could choose.  I’d be happy with anything, and this is what I got!

She was trying to get me the cast iron grill pan and couldn’t find it so she got me this cast iron skillet and wooden turner.  I already have a cast iron pan but I say you can’t have too many!  So I’m going to keep it. : )  It even comes with a few recipes included!

A couple of weeks before my birthday Erin Condren was having their Friends & Family sale offering 25% off everything.  I decided it was the perfect time to order my 2016 life planner.  I wanted to be sure I got it before the holidays come and I forget and start the New Year without it.  Unfortunately they don’t allow me to stack coupon codes, but I did do well with the combination of the sale and money earned from my savings apps in my paypal account.  So it didn’t feel like a big purchase after it was all said and done.  As an added bonus, I received it really close to my actual birthday!

Isn’t she pretty???  I know, I love her too!

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Oh and I can’t leave out these yummy Cake Parts from a local bakery called Your Perfect Cake.  I’ve had her cupcakes before and they are absolutely delicious!!  My co-worker was telling me the week before my birthday about these cake parts.  Basically, in the mornings when they are baking the cakes and they cut out the layers they need, all of the scraps aka parts, are put into bags and sold by the pound.  Totally perfect for me because I always wipe off the icing when I eat cake.  It took me three days to eat the whole bag and it was worth every single calorie it was soooo good. : )

I have so much to be thankful and grateful for this birthday and I’m choosing to celebrate myself and all the great blessings I have from now on.  33 is an amazing age (I love the number 3) and I am really excited for all that is on it’s way to me!!!  Be blessed!!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Size 12

I’ve been in denial for about a year now about my weight.  As hard as I worked to get it off of me, you would think that as it began to creep back on that I would have nipped it in the bud and would be as happy as a clam.

You’d be wrong.  Very wrong.

Instead I have lamented the extra pounds each time I needed to get dressed.

Each time that I put my jeans on and they left me with no breathing room.

Each time that my roomy “fat pants” became my “go-to” pants.

Each time that I realized I don’t have enough clothes to make it through my work week because I can no longer fit my clothes.

Each time that I thought, it would be so  much easier to just buy maternity pants.

Each time I cursed myself under my breath because clearly me and my laziness has allowed all of this poundage to come back.  As if that’s where I want to be right now.

So after days, weeks, and months of feeling like this… I decided that I had to buy some pants.

On my lunch break the other day, I ventured over to Burlington Coat Factory because clearly I don’t want to buy expensive pants, I just need something for the moment and if I can get a nice pair of pants for under $20 I’d be satisfied.

To be honest I need a full wardrobe.  Everything from shoes to pants to jeans to shirts to dresses to handbags to accessories to underclothes… I need it all right now.  But I really just needed to be practical and get a pair of pants and maybe a sweater since it’s starting to turn cold.

It’s very rare for me to try on clothes in store and this was no exception.  I found a sweater that was a Junior’s size Large and I found a pair of cute dark gray slacks in size 12.  I held them up to eyeball the fit.

These better work I thought to myself as I purchased them and headed back to work.

When I got home I tried on the sweater and it fits more like a dress…but it’s bigger on me than I expected which was a good boost for the ego.  It would probably go great with leggings or skinny jeans with a nice tall boot.

I actually didn’t try on the pants until the next morning when I was getting ready for work.  They fit me perfectly!!!  I was so happy!  I was able to delight in that moment.

Here’s why…

You know how if you’ve ever lost a good amount of weight you have a weight that you refuse to let yourself go back to?  Sometimes it can be a clothing size… well for me the weight is 200lbs and the size is 14.  I stepped on the scale a couple of months back and was devastated when it had me at around 192 when I had been holding steady all year around 185.  I haven’t stepped back on it since.  I have no size 14 clothing to wear so we’re definitely gonna be up the creek if I don’t rein this back in.

So for the size 12's to fit me was very encouraging.  : )

I have got to get my life together in so many areas but this is a big one.  I worked way too hard to get the weight off before and I deserve to be happy in all areas of my life.  It’s gonna take some hard work and discipline but I’ve done it before and will do it again.  Besides, it would be nice to get a few pounds off so that I can enjoy some fall clothing.  I am really wanting a couple of cute fall plaid shirts this season.  : )

Anyways---I used to say anyways instead of anyway lol --- I wanted to end on this note…I saw this pic on twitter or Instagram, I don’t recall…maybe twitter…not that it’s super important, jeez.  But I saw this pic and instantly I said I want to be the slim girl.  I’m not ashamed to say that.  Honestly I want to be a solid size 6 sometimes a 4 depending on the brand.  136lbs is my dream weight…not my goal weight, but my dream weight.  Anyhoot…I’m just rambling now so…thanks for reading!! : )

Friday, October 9, 2015

Close But No Cigar…Almost Manifesting

this is a long post...

I want to share my story about how I came very close to manifesting…but not quite close enough.  And FYI… I write many of these LOA posts both to share with others but more so, for me to have a point of reference for myself.  So yeah, I’ve been in a huge blog slump and I know why, but sometimes you gotta say “eff it, when I blog I feel better and I could use a whole lot of feeling better right about now.”

I started a post but never finished it and therefore never posted it…but in that post that may still get posted, I shared that I am still very much struggling with the passing of my sister in law.  I mean, it’s a hurdle to say the least.  Some days are okay and some days are awful and I just can’t seem to keep an emotional balance.  But I am very much aware that I have been unhappy since the vacation from hell.  And it’s hard to rise up out of that place.  All it did was make me go backwards.  I haven’t been manifesting {the stuff I want}.  The car and the house are still out of my grasp and it sucks in a nutshell.

 BUT!!!  I wanted to share my almost manifestation.   Because in the scheme of things… it was really big!  And I want to share it before I forget it…let’s be honest here lol.

Ok so if you know me, or are a regular reader (even though I haven't been a regular poster in a while, tsk tsk) then you know that I’ve wanted two things for a while now… my house and my Highlander.  If you live in my neck of the woods and happen to be in the market for a used Toyota Highlander you may find, as I have, that these babies are highly popular, retain their value, and are very hard to find.  I have been able to easily manifest Highlanders into my view.  Every day I’m seeing them in the colors I want and body style and I say thank you every time.  I won’t lie… seeing them and having one are two very different things.  I enjoy seeing them, but I want one of my own!!  It’s like having a hard time conceiving and everywhere you look you see pregnant women and mothers with infants and you can appreciate it but deep down you’re still saying “but where is mine?”

Last week I was at work and something just said inside “go to Pecheles Toyota website”.  I did and I was pleasantly surprised that they had the EXACT Highlander that I want.  Color, year, mileage, price all of it was screaming to me THIS IS YOUR CAR!!!  With much excitement I filled out the online form to get more info and to let the dealership know I was very interested.  I just knew this was right!!

The lady called me maybe within the hour and I didn’t answer because I was trying to take a car nap.  She left me a message and called me again in another hour.  Persistent little chick she was.  It was then that I realized why… it was September 30th.  The last day of the month.  So they were trying to move this inventory and I understand that, but I wasn’t really ready to buy that day.  I hadn’t even contacted the Credit Union for my preapproval.  The lady who called me seemed really nice and I felt comfortable.  She led me to believe that they would do all the work with the Credit Union and that it would be easier to do that and come down that day to make the deal.  I went against my original plan of having preapproval on my own time, and I texted DH and asked him his thoughts… he said “go for it” which was an even bigger sign to me!

I was very excited!!  But the more excited I became about this finally happening, the more I got knots in my stomach…and I’m talking more than just I’m nervous for a job interview, which I get, even if I feel like I got it in the bag.  So I chalked it up to just the way I am at the time.  Let’s fast forward because you know I can ramble… I tell the lady I’ll be there at 6.  I live in Greenville, this dealership is in Washington which is 20 minutes away AFTER I get out of rush hour traffic.  As I’m headed to the dealership I’m thinking to myself… this car is filthy, you’re not even prepared to trade it right now.

Side Note:  About a few weeks ago I decided to clean out my car to prepare it for trade.  I started but I didn’t finish.  I still had some stuff in the trunk and in the side pockets on the doors that I didn’t want to put into the new car and just hadn’t completed the task.

At 5:30 the lady calls me again… okay chick, I understand it’s the last day of the month and you have a quota and you’re trying to ensure that I’m coming in.  Twenty minutes later, if that, not even 6 o’clock yet and this lady is calling me for maybe the  6th or 7th time that day…but this time her bubbly demeanor is gone and she is putting on quite the show for me.  A show that quite frankly, I’m not in the mood for.  I’m out of my comfort zone and taking what I think is “inspired action.”  She explains that her manager just informed her that the Highlander that was supposed to be sold to me, was just taken to New Bern about an hour earlier to be sold.  “I am sooo sorry.  I am sooo sick to my stomach right now.” she says.  I said it’s okay and it just wasn’t meant to be today.  Yes inside I’m pissed that I left work and didn’t make overtime money.  Yes I’m pissed that I wasted gas and time to go and yes I’m pissed that my car is already crap and you just made me drive said crap out of town.  That’s what I’m feeling, but it’s not what I’m saying.  She’s begging me to come in and wants to know if there’s anything else I am interested in.  I tell her that I am ONLY interested in a 2011-2013 Toyota Highlander.  I could win the Powerball Jackpot at this second and you know what I want?  A 2011-2013 Toyota Highlander.

I figured I’m already here, let me go in and give them my info and when what I want comes across their lot to contact me and we’ll go from there.  This is where the story turns. 

Now I’m dealing with the sales guy who happens to be friends with one of my friends I work with.  I felt comfortable with him and he takes down all of my information.  Why only a Highlander?  Why those model years?  I give him my reasons.  Now, at the time that I pulled up I saw there was a Highlander on the lot… it was that very pretty blue color…almost like a Cerulean/Carolina Blue.  I’ve seen them and I liked them but didn’t feel like the color suited me.  I like the dark gray or white or silver options most.  So of course this is the one he wants to show me.  Of course this one wasn’t listed online.  Of course it’s pretty as hell and of course I didn’t take a picture.  To be honest, I thought about pulling out my phone and snapping a pic while he was getting stuff together but I couldn’t because inside my stomach was churning.  The one thing I did notice when I looked at the window sticker was that there was no listed price RED FLAG #1 and that it was listed “as-is” with no manufacturer warranty RED FLAG #2.  I let him go through his entire spiel… look at the engine the outside the inside and then the test drive. 

cars, crossovers, suvs

Did I mention that this beautiful, Red Flag wearing Highlander was a HYBRID???  Yes I was excited.  Hybrids are hard to come by.  Hybrids cost a boat-load up front but they’re amazing.  This Hybrid Highlander was a 2010 and had less miles than the 2013 that brought me there, less by like 10,000.  But that price… ouch… that price was for a HYBRID.  A fully loaded Hybrid at that.  Not the standard model of the 2013 I wanted.  I’ll admit… I was intrigued…until we couldn’t bring the price down.  I told the dude, look, my insides aren’t agreeing with this and I’m sorry we aren’t making a deal today.  No I’m not putting money down.  This is a car not a house.  And Heck NAW am I going to FINANCE a 2010.  We’re at the end of 2015 and I am not financing a 6 year old, technically about to be 7 year old vehicle.  Now if I had cash then I would be writing a different post right now and quite frankly I did want it, but at the end of the day, this isn’t a shirt, it’s a car, and it just didn’t fit.  You don’t buy a car the way you do a pair of jeans on sale that are a size or so too small but you buy them anyway because of the awesome deal.  I had to accept that I was close, but no cigar and I had to let it go and if it is somehow meant to be in the future it will be.

So very long post, but what did I learn from this experience is the key…a few things…

*it’s coming VERY SOON!!!  I took inspired action and although I didn’t get the thing I wanted, I manifested an experience that I learned from.  Yes I was bummed at first but I had to drive back in a monsoon of very strong and heavy rain.  I was scarred as I drove back home and I was thankful for my car and not having to learn how to drive a new car in a really bad storm. 

I also know it’s coming very soon because this was the first time I’ve actually been in a Toyota Highlander.  I love it even more and feel even more a match to it.  What if I had test drove it and realized that I didn’t like the way it drove or how any of it was inside?  That would suck.  Instead it is as if it’s proving to me that it’s coming, the right one is coming.  Now that I’ve been able to feel what it feels like to be in the driver’s seat.  The luxury of having all of these added features that I don’t currently have in my car.  It’s coming very soon.

*my gut knows me.  Turns out those knots in my tummy were trying to signal to me that it’s not quite right and I’m grateful that I’ve learned over time to listen to my gut more and more.

*learn from everything.  I learned that everything is a teachable moment.  I realized a couple of days later after being bummed on the inside but trying to act like it didn’t faze me on the outside, that it wasn’t what I said I wanted.  Sure I would have loved to be in a new car but at what cost?  I don’t want to be a slave to my job so I can make a car payment.  I don’t buy/finance anything that is not under manufacturer warranty.  I did not say I wanted a 2010 anything!  That never was an option so why get pissed about not having that?  I went through that experience and now I am better prepared for the next time I have to be in a dealership.  I now know what a dealership is willing to give me on trade on the last day of the month and will use that information moving forward.  I now know that although the idea of the Hybrid is awesome, me and my lead foot wouldn’t be the best match for the Hybrid.

The Universe has more than enough to go around!!  When I’m seeing everybody else in a Highlander I tell myself that there is more than enough to go around.  There is a Highlander for me and there’s no limitation.  I can have what I want.  Greater is coming.

In the meantime, I’m focusing on feeling good.  Because things have been out of whack for me emotionally since July, I have a lot of work to do.  But knowing that I came very close to manifesting what I want… I don’t look at as a negative… I look at as a very big positive.  I am grateful for this experience and I’m excited for all that is to come!!!

I hope you stuck out this long post and I hope it helped you along on your LOA journey   : )

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Ebates Giveaway | Enter to win a $150 Etsy Gift Card!!!

Blogs by Aria

I just stumbled upon this giveaway while I was doing some online shopping and I wanted to share.  Aren’t I nice?  : )

For starters, if I shop online I go through Ebates first.  I’ve shared about Ebates before here on the blog, so check out those posts.

Perhaps it’s because I’m really into my ECLP (ErinCondren Life Planner) which has led me to become really into planner stickers on Etsy.  Did you know you can earn cash back on your Etsy purchases?  How cool is that? 

In my browsing around on Ebates for coupon codes and Labor Day sales, I saw that they are having a giveaway with 6 chances to win an Etsy gift card!  One winner will win a $150 Etsy gift card, two will win a $100 gift card and three winners will win a $50 Etsy gift card.  All awesome prizes and I’d be happy to win any of them!  If you like planner stickers or you like to support handmade on Etsy, this is the giveaway for you!

Now in order to even enter, you have to be an Ebates member, if you’re not already, then click here and become a member, it takes a few moments.  As a bonus, when you join Ebates right now, you will earn a $10 Welcome Bonus!!

Once you’re a member then enter here…some entry options can be done daily and the giveaway ends tomorrow…Tuesday September 8th at 11:59pm PST.  I know it’s super short notice, but I just stumbled upon it and wanted to share it asap!!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Happy Labor Day!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Vacation?

I’ve gone back and forth on what to title this post, whether to post this post, and how to post this post. 

I’ve decided to go with sharing this post in the most positive way possible.

Vacation was a month ago and if I don’t share at all it will never get shared.

I’m going to keep it real… I was robbed of my vacation. 

I know that’s selfish but it’s how I feel and I’m allowed to express how I feel.

We arrived in Myrtle Beach, SC on Saturday July 18th and if you’ve ever done a beach rental before, you know that check-in is later in the day because the guests who are checking out usually have to do so by 11am.  That day is more about travel and getting settled in.

On Sunday we went to Broadway at the Beach which is a great area with a boardwalk, all kinds of shops and restaurants and different attractions.  We went to Ripley’s Aquarium.

I’ll be the first to say that if you’ve seen one aquarium, you’ve seen them all.  But hey, I’m a Mom and we go to attractions such as the aquarium when on vacation.  I will say that this aquarium was probably one of the coolest I’ve visited….wouldn’t say it’s worth the $100 for a family of four to enjoy but, you know what you’re getting involved with when planning a Myrtle Beach vacation.  DH didn’t know, but I did.

I never quite understand why people take pics of everything in an aquarium…it’s beyond me.  I’d rather take it in at the moment.  Two highlights of the aquarium were the mermaids {they put on a cute show, more for pre-school kids} and the shark tank that you’re walking through.  They built it so that the tank is on both sides of you and goes over your head so all of the sharks, fishies and everything else, even a huge sea turtle, are all around you and that’s pretty effin cool.  Again, not $100 cool, but still cool nevertheless.

We went to the aquarium after we ate at Captain George’s which was amazing!!  Sooooo delicious!  I’ve heard of them before and I know they have a few in a handful of states but they did not disappoint at all!

That’s where most of the fun ended for me.  Because the next day, the sky went black for us.

Monday was our real let’s lay out on the beach and play at the pool day.  That was July 20th and the beach was amazing.  My very favorite place in the world to be.  I don’t recall what we ate for lunch or dinner to be honest because I didn’t write it down.  What I do recall is us out playing putt-putt that evening and my Mom getting a call from my brother saying that his wife, my sister-in-law was at the hospital.  Everything else from that point on was a blur.  I was there, but I wasn’t.

Blogs by Aria

We already had purchased tickets for the Pirate’s Voyage dinner show for the following afternoon.  So we went to that on Tuesday before my parents headed back to NC to be with my brother during that time.  Can I just say that if you come to Myrtle Beach, you can’t leave without coming to this show!  It was amazing!!!  It helped take our minds off of life and for about two hours we were in Pirate Land and it was really cool.  You get a full meal and a show.  The meal is okay, nothing to write about, but the show…is AWESOME!!!

Blogs by Aria family vacation fun in Myrtle Beach
You can't take pics or videos during the show, so I snapped this real quick at the very end.

After that my parents left and we stayed because that made the most sense.  I worked very hard to pay for this vacation, not just for me but for my kids.  If it was just me, I would have left but I didn’t feel that was fair to the kids.  So as I cried and prayed for the next few days, the kids enjoyed their time at the beach and pool and I enjoyed that I could provide that for them.


My parents came back Thursday evening and on Friday we went to the Upside Down House aka Wonder Works.  It’s a kid’s science museum that we’ve wanted to go to for years since passing the Upside Down House {that’s what we call it}.  It was cool but super crowded.  If I could, I’d rather just rent out the place for my family only…seriously… I don’t like that many people around me and everyone doesn’t raise their kids to be polite.  After that we went to our favorite calabash crab joint… Crabby Mike’s!!!  Always a tradition of ours.

No amount of succulent crab meat could make me and my mom not cry at dinner tho.  It was very tough and still is.

Check-out was for Saturday at 10am.  We couldn’t wait to leave.  I couldn’t get home fast enough because the faster I got home the faster I could get to the hospital and be with my family.

I don’t want to act as if I’m not grateful for our vacation because I am very grateful.  The water was amazing.  We got to see fireworks on the beach.  We got to be together as a family.

But I will never stay in Myrtle Beach again.  We will always go down to Crabby Mike’s and make  a day of Myrtle Beach when we do our beach vacations, as we always have; but this is the first and last time that I will vacation there.  It doesn’t represent happiness for me.  It only represents sadness and being so far away from home when we needed to be home…idk…it just doesn’t feel good thinking of staying there.

If you don’t know me personally… I’ll share that my sister in law had a heart attack on Monday July 20th and my brother performed CPR and brought her back; however after being rushed in an ambulance to their local hospital she was airlifted to the next largest hospital, which is my hospital in Greenville,NC.  There she stayed in ICU, after suffering extensive brain damage, she was taken off of life support on Thursday July 23rd.  She fought for her life, but God called her home on Friday July 31st.  She was laid to rest on Tuesday August 4th

So that was my vacation…if that’s what we can even call it.  Everything around that time is such a blur.  I’ve been so numb.  I’m still numb.  I can’t look at a calendar and see the 20th, 31st or 4th right now.  Hell, the other day I looked at my calendar on my phone, I think it was the 18th and I burst into a crying spell.  It just doesn’t seem real.  I’m crying as I share this.  It hurts so damn bad.  I know that time will help but….

I just felt like I couldn’t move forward in trying to even post anything on my blog if I couldn’t get past the vacation…if that makes sense.  I’ve wanted to share so much but I’ve felt like I’ve been standing in concrete since the beginning of the month.  I’m making strides each day and every day I pray for my brother harder than I ever have before.  My heart is still broken but Jesus is mending it.  I’ll stop typing now because I can’t stop the tears.

SHOW your love to others because tomorrow is not promised.


Oh and I completely forgot to mention that we got the worst sleep on this vacation.  I know we all have different parenting styles and we’re all on vacation, but the people upstairs let their kids rip and run all night and they were loud and the parents were loud and would ash their cigarettes over the balcony right on top of my husband’s car.  As if an ashtray is too much to ask especially when all of the units are smoke free including the balconies.  On top of that,our windows were thin and our bedroom was facing the street and walkway to other condos and we heard everything.  People talking, yelling, garbage trucks at 3am, everything.  It was absolutely dreadful.…I digress. 

With each vacation rental we learn something new and we learned that it’s worth the extra steps to be on the top floor.  If we can’t get a full beach house to ourselves {which is now my goal} then we have to be on the top floor because we have to have our sleep!  I also learned that I prefer Carolina Beach hands down.  I love the laid back atmosphere and the Boardwalk and the beach and we know Carolina Beach.  Not saying we’ll never go anywhere else, but as far as our standard beach vacation goes…that’s the hot spot baby!  CB!!  I want one of those stickers for my Highlander when I get it…you know the ones I’m talking about?  Anyways, now I’m just rambling…

Check out my IG for more pics and vids from the good times of our trip : )

Thank you for reading.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Get to Know Me | A to Z Survey

I’ve found a ton of new blogs to read in the last few weeks at work.  I don’t have time to read all the blogs I follow, let alone find new ones, but I did stumble across a few that I liked.  One post that I thought was a cute idea, was this A to Z Survey.  I decided I would do the same : )

A – Age:  32

B – Biggest Fear:  idk about biggest, but I’m afraid of frogs and crickets.

C – Current Time:  12:05pm

D - Drink You Had Last:  strawberry lemonade kool-aid.  It’s my favorite flavor.

E – Easiest Person To Talk To:  myself…I talk to myself all the time and I’m not afraid to admit it!


F – Favorite Song:  Cupid by 112 comes to mind first… my  all -time favorite male group : )

G – Grossest Memory:  again tmi…when I was preggo with Bri I had one day of morning  sickness and I was woken up by it and ran to the toilet without turning on the bathroom light.  Usually the toilet seat lid was up…but not this time and all of the puke went on top of the toilet lid, over the sides and onto the floor.  It was absolutely disgusting and I was furious with him for the one time he wants to put the lid down on the toilet.


H – Hometown:  I was born in Plattsburgh, NY.  I’m a military brat so I’ve lived in Altus, OK, Spangdahlem, Germany, Goldsboro, NC and now Greenville NC.  My Mom and Father are divorced so I spent my summers and some holidays in Philadelphia, PA once we were back stateside.


I – In Love With:  my husband James

J – Jealous Of:  my husband because he can eat absolutely whatever he wants and never gain an ounce.

K – Kindest Person You Know:  Sister Kathleen Simmons.  She was the Youth Minister at my previous church and I swear, she beamed kindness.  I’ve never met a sweeter person than her.  She always asks about me when she sees my Mom, she sends me cards, just the best!

L – Longest Relationship:  This October will make 8 years married and we’ve been together for 12 years.  A few days ago was our 9 year engagement anniversary!

M – Middle Name:  Montrice…my godmother’s name.

N – Number of Siblings:  1 – my older brother, I have sisters in law, Crystal, my brother’s wife, just passed away and I’m still devastated, and my husband’s sister Carinda.  I have a few step-sisters also and former step-siblings.

O – One Wish:  my house and my Highlander…it’s a combo wish, but that’s what I want.


P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last:  my sister in law Carinda

Q – Question You’re Always Being Asked:  how’s the new job going?

R – Reason To Smile:  aside from the obvious…clouds make me smile : )

S – Song You Last Sang:  “Weak” by SWV…I have no idea why but it just popped into my head so I started singing it.

T – Time You Woke Up:  8:12am…I’m off this week for bereavement so I’ve been sleeping in.  So rare.

U – Underwear Color:  black with multi-colored polka dots…talk about tmi…


V – Vacation Destination:  the beach…we just came back from Myrtle Beach, SC and I wouldn’t mind spending a couple of weeks right now at my favorite Carolina Beach, NC : ) 

W – Worst Habit:  I procrastinate.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had:  bone x-ray when I was a child and broke my collar bone, chest x-rays because I had asthma when I was younger, and teeth x-rays more often than I’d like : (

Y – Your Favorite Food:  this is hard, I could answer favorite food category better, but I’d say my favorite food is shrimp because I love seafood and I love shrimp a number of ways.

Z – Zodiac Sign:  Scorpio baby!!

That was fun!  I tried to go off the cuff and give the first thing that came to mind, but some of these questions I had to really think of an answer.  That’s why I love doing these type of surveys.  I’d love to see some of your answers : )

I started this post on Saturday with the intention of posting it on Saturday but here it is Thursday and I’m just now finishing it up and posting it.  It’s been a really rough week with my sister in law passing and her services being earlier this week.  This is helping to take my mind off of it some.  Have a great day everyone!


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